Wedding photography categories

Have you already figured out what will be your wedding photo shoot or you just choosen the variants? How about a romantic photo shooting outdoors or at the aristocratic luxury hotel? Or maybe you like a photo shoot on the golf course or at the amusement park? Knocked down in search of ideas for shooting in rainy or cold weather?

Whatever it was, you probably dream about making your wedding photo session in Moscow or abroad bright, interesting and unusual.

Destination photographer for the wedding worldwide

You might have noticed that my portfolio is made up of pictures from different corners of the Earth. Are you planning a romantic photo shoot on a tropical island? Are you dreaming of a stylized shooting in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? Do you need photography service in Moscow? Let’s do it together! I’ll show you interesting places and will be with you throughout the day, starting with the bride and groom’s morning and ending with reception.

Usually I have the couples who want to remember their wedding day with the photojournalism style. I am happy to help you. I am convinced that photography, wedding or love story, in any case should not be stereotyped. That’s why I always try to get acquainted with each couple closer, to come up with an interesting plot and styling shooting just for you.

The most unusual wedding photo shoot

What kind of photos do I take? Bright, interesting and original. You will not get boring images in any case. I do not ask you to frosen, to sit for hours in one pose. I’ll take portraits of you quickly and professionally. I believe that destination wedding photographer in Moscow, and anywhere in the world, must notice the interesting moments and have time to take pictures.

What kind of equipment do I use? I choose the professional Canon equipment. And also Sony as a second camera. This Canon 5DMark II camera flash Canon Speedlight EX II of 850, lens: Sigma 50 mm f1.4, Canon 85 mm f1.8, Zenitar 16 mm, 2.8 fish eye, Lensbaby 50 mm, video light.

I’ll try to make you happy with reportage and staged photos. They will be interesting, touching, surprising and “meaningful.” Looking through your images many years later, you will see your celebration in all colors, remember every moment of triumph and survive again all the emotions.

Do you need the professional and original wedding photographer in Moscow or abroad? I’m who you need, please contact me!