Family and kid’s photo shooting

To make the ordinary day into a fairy tale, an adventure or a masquerade is so easy! Especially when the real magician namely the children’s photographer in Moscow is helping you. Are you looking for high-quality, interesting and beautiful pictures for the family album? We’ll do it for you! Baby photo shoot outdoor or in the studio? Easy! Only good mood and positive emotions!

What are the secrets of the professional children’s and family photographer?

I’m sure it’s someone who knows how to turn the photo shooting into an exciting game. During such photo shooting the child just laughs, tries to take the first steps, plays with toys and the parents or represents himself as a favorite character. And I, meanwhile, did not miss any moment: a smile, surprise, interesting views, funny faces and funny poses.

How to shift the focus a year-old kid from a “delicious” wire or a finger? How to get the child’s attention? How to win the trust of the student or teenager? Answers to these questions the kid’s photographer are looking for every day. I find unusual and interesting decision , so each photo session goes excellent.

The most interesting kid’s photo session in Moscow.

How do I do it? I just love kids. I like to chat with them, to play, to tell interesting stories, and of course – to photograph them. I have everything you need: a lot of ideas, good mood and an experience for a kids’ photo shoots.

The child does not always diligently look into the camera and rarely come on contact with strangers immediately. To children’s photo takes place without whims and tears, because I make friends with the baby in advance, play with him and become a good friend. For me it does not matter how old he is, I find the approach to each: little whims, reactive fidget and princess – Impatiens.

Photo shoot for the child and the whole family.

The first word, first tooth, first class, noisy celebrations and quiet family evenings. Maybe you just want to spend all day with an unforgettable memory of which will be stored years in your photo album for many years?

Do you want a family album with just bright, lively, interesting, not formulaic, high-quality and very beautiful pictures? Then I’m the one you need: kids’ and family photographer in Moscow.
Let’s keep the most important and happy moments of your life together!