Love story photo sessions

Unforgettable and romantic, interesting and bright, your love story is always special for me. Do you want to tell this story to your friends, family and children? It’s better to show it on the beautiful pictures. It is not necessary to organize it before the wedding. You can simply make a gift photo session to your partner anytime to remember how it all began.

No matter how long you are together: one, two or 10 years, love story photo shooting is a great opportunity to remember the most important moments of your relationship. I am happy to help you to have this unusual and interesting experience!

Why do you need love story photo shoot?

It is believed that such a “preliminary” shooting is needed to choose a wedding photographer. I am sure that objectively assess the professional photographer’s skills you need on practice. Only in the process of shooting, you can see if the photographer, his style of work
is suitable for your couple. If the photographer suits you, you will feel easily, relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera at the wedding, so photos will be interesting and natural.

Each couple has their own love story. Someone wants to make an original gift to someone wants to celebrate the anniversary, someone just loves to pose in front of the camera. Professional photographer is the person who are able to realise any of your idea, whether it is love story photo shoot on the nature or stylized shooting in the studio.

Take your love story

The love story is a photo session for two and photographer of love story is a reliable assistant, a generator of ideas and one who implement them in life. I come up with stories to capture and choose a place for it, costumes and props, along with the couple. The sense of style, taste and imagination help me with my work for many years.

Maybe you dream is to photo shoot the love story in Paris? I spent some time there taking the romantic wedding and love stories as well. I know a lot of picturesque streets, beautiful canals and I’m ready to show them to you. City of love is a great place for a story about feelings. You’ll get an amazing love story photo shoot. The ideas and moods for which will prompt the place itself.

Write your own unique and beautiful love story. Whatever it will be, with the help of a professional photographer your love story story will be vivid and interesting, and spent the day together – unforgettable! I will do everything possible for that.