You name it – even on the edge of the world, I have done wedding photo shoots in Paris, taken breathtaking photographs in Montenegro as well as completed an amazing photo shoot in the Seychelles. Since 2009, I have been photographing weddings far and near at the most beautiful places of Russia and the world. I go there with you and take pictures of the happiest moments of your lives – YOUR WEDDING. My name is Elvira Azimova, I’m your professional wedding photographer in Russia and affiliated worldwide.

What, you may ask, makes “the best wedding photographer”?

I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to judge how to choose a wedding photographer. This is my profession, my passion and favorite thing, so every little detail seems to be very important. Place and mood of the photo shooting, images of the newlyweds, their views???, movements and, of course, feelings. To make an impression of what is a good wedding photograph, it’s not enough just simply to visit wedding photographers’ websites. Certainly, there you will find the portfolio – the most successful photographs that reflect the style of work and the overall level. However, I sincerely believe that you have to love and have something in common with your wedding photographer as a person. I do not think that it is correct to say “the worst” or “best” wedding photographer in Moscow and abroad: there is only yours or not. Just talk to the person to whom you want to entrust your wedding shoot, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Who is a distinguished professional wedding photographer?

Let me think: Who needs boring and monotonous wedding pictures? I do not. And you – even more so. I never, even for a moment, doubt my professionalism. And I will not give you any reason to doubt me. Knowledge of English and extensive experience – that’s what helps me to be a successful wedding destination photographer. I put all my skill, knowledge, spirit and soul into every one of my photographs. Each newlywed couple for me represent a single page of life and a unique story. Do you have plans or suggestions? Let me help you bring it to life! No? I will come up with an image or styling and make it real for you. For me, the main award is the great emotional rave reviews and all the positive recommendations. I have a lot of them from years of successful work. For example, from publications like the popular Russian and foreign magazines “Dorogoe Udovolstvie”, “Italia-magazine” and “Brides UK”, which write only about the best wedding photographers.

Photo shoot on the edge of the world.

I’m ready to go to any place of the world, or Russia, to find the most beautiful location and I’m ready to let you discover ones I’ve already found just for you and your fiance. Do you need a photographer in Paris? I will show the most picturesque streets and exquisite canals there. Do you want a photo shoot on a beach or a luxury hotel? We will devise an interesting storyline for you! Fancy, stylish, romantic, cute, crazy or even extreme – we will bring your thoughts to life. I have an ocean of enthusiasm, a car of creative ideas, a small truck load of flawless processing and a cart of bright, beautiful and vibrant photos. This is exactly what makes all my couples happy.

Have I convinced you? Pack your bags, give me a call and let’s go – towards the sun, beauty and happiness!